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From finding land and putting a design concept together, to building the development with our in-house resources, Hodgkinsons offer the complete end-to-end solution for value, quality and peace of mind.

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With extensive experience across a range of high-volume, residential and commercial projects and with over 200 houses already in the pipeline this year you can be confident we'll deliver the results you need.

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Our mission is not just about building quality houses. At Hodgkinson Builders we want to make a positive and social change. Whether that’s in the communities we help redevelop, or by supporting the next generation of bricklayers. We are committed to building homes that help build better lives. Hodgkinson Builders was founded in Derby, in 1990 by Ian Hodgkinson. Starting from a small bricklaying business, Hodgkinson Builders now has 30 years expertise in property development, with projects all across the UK.

In building both domestic and commercial properties, we have a range of experiences and insights to help build the perfect home for you. At Hodgkinson Builders, we especially pride ourselves on the traditional look of our homes. We use brick facades and sustainable timber frame technology to speed up the process of construction. For us, it is not just about building houses and properties, it’s about building lives and opportunities across the UK.

That’s why Hodgkinson Builders have an in-house bricklaying division, with over 100 bricklayers to draw from who directly engage with us on our projects. However, it doesn’t stop there. In association with Access Training, we have formed a teaching academy for the next generation of bricklayers. Hodgkinson Builders encourage all people, young and old, to come into a trade that will not just provide them with the physical tools to build a house, but also the tools for life. This project is a fantastic opportunity to build on our brickwork division with new bricklayers, who are continuing the Hodgkinson mantra of building houses ‘On Time, On Budget, Safely’ and are helping meet the demand of our housing division. At Hodgkinsons, we offer unique opportunities so you can learn, build, and live in the house of your dreams. We understand that building the perfect house cannot be underestimated. To learn more, have a look at some of our previous projects or get in touch with us.

Hodgkinson Builders encourage all people, young and old, to come into a trade that can provide them with not just the physical tools to build a house also the tools for life.

CHAS Construction Line CPC Lighthouse Accredited NHBC Accreditation

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    We are based on Pride Park in the heart of Derby, UK.
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