Brickies to trowel up again as BBC Three series is set to air


A TV series which made stars out of young bricklayers is heading back to our screens later this month.

BBC Three’s Brickies is back for another hot summer of building houses and chasing dreams.

The first episode of series two of the popular docuseries, which follows the lives and loves of young recruits at Derby-based Hodgkinson Builders, airs at 9pm on Monday, March 20, followed by Episode 2 at 9.30pm.

The full series is also available to view on BBC iPlayer on the same day.

The programme shows how life on the trowel is hard, and emotions run high on building sites full of fun, friendships and fallouts. 

As well as the banter, it also highlights how Hodgkinson is tackling skills shortages, by encouraging more young people into the trade - with some of the brickies revealing they can earn up to £1,200 for a 35-hour week.

There are some new faces, as well as old ones, and as well as a return to Stoke, the gang are working on new sites - in Mansfield, luxury houses in Leicester and on the building of a 5ft plinth to support a memorial bust of former Derby County player Reg Harrison.

Keeping the brickies in check is site manager Jack Smith, who is originally from Ilkeston but now lives in Giltbrook, Nottinghamshire.

The 32-year-old said: “There are a few new faces - new apprentices and new labourers this time around.

“The show continues to follow the lives of brickies and labourers as they earn money and pursue jobs and careers.”

Jack added that he was still getting used to being recognised since last series.

“You still get people coming up to you in the street or in Asda, saying ‘are you that person off bricklayers?’, which is nice,” he said.

The programme proved so popular, earlier this year, Brickies was up against Love Island in the British Broadcast Awards, with the team rubbing shoulders with stars including athlete Mo Farrah. Both Brickies and Love Island lost out to Welsh language programme Drych: Fi, Rhyw ac Anabledd.

Jack said: “Going to the awards night was nice - it makes you realise how big the show’s been. Getting nominated against Love Island, it’s like ‘all of a sudden, this is really happening’. We just keep riding the wave of it and seeing where the show goes - hopefully there will be a Series three.”

Ian Hodgkinson, founder and managing director of Pride Park-based Hodgkinson Builders, can’t wait to see the new episodes.

He said: “After the success of the first series, the second series is due to be aired in a few weeks, and it is just unbelievable.

“We started filming last June and finished in August.  

“To be asked to take part in a second series just proves how popular the show is. The reception received from Series one was absolutely phenomenal.”

He added: “Being a part of it has been so much fun, but it’s also been a fantastic platform in spreading the word about bricklaying as a career and the aspirations of our young workers.

“We had lots of great feedback in particular from females, who had been inspired by Jeorgia and Molly’s determination in Series one. It’s so inspiring.”

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