This Week At Hodgkinson Nov 20th


This week, we've been looking toward the future!

We may be busier than ever - but are the robots coming to take over?!

and there's more 3D printing news over on as they report on a new 3d printed apartment block!

With news from the Government this week about the new Green Economy plan and a big push for electric vehicles in the next 10 years, we also learned about how the construction industry is looking to adapt as JCB launch new electric equipment

Building quality homes and doing right by our clients is the core of what we do. To really get across the scale, quality and consistancy we deliver you just have to take to the skies!

Ian's been keeping an eye on House prices for us again...

and finally, we are on the look out for bricklayers for a project over in Ilkeston. Get in touch via our contact form, reach out on social media, or check out full details via this link!